Not ones to go anywhere without a plan we have mapped out our rough route around Northern and Eastern Europe, taking in as many countries and cities as possible in six months. As we visit places we’ll add them to this page.

Some places we will only be staying for a day or two so won’t have the opportunity to write about them fully. We’ll still add them below to show our route, and there will be pictures from these places in our gallery as well.

If you want to read about what we’ve been drinking and where, look out for the ? icon. If you want to read about what we’ve been doing look out for the ? icon. If you’d rather just look at some pictures check out our gallery!


? KGB in Tallinn
? Museum of Paper and Printing
? Prison camp cemetery and memorial


? Bikernieki Memorial
? Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum


? Museum 39/45
? Hill of Crosses
? Paneriai Memorial
? Ninth Fort Museum


? Doll House Museum
? ‘First’ Museums in Poland: Vodka and Neon
? Radegast Station
? Lipowa 3 Glass & Ceramics Centre
? Industrial tourism: Zinc museum

Czech Republic

? Pilsen Puppet Museum


? Devin Castle


? Unicum Distillery

*for those following our route, Serbia sits between Budapest and Szeged. Romania comes after Szeged*


? Bank of Serbia, Belgrade


? Râșnov Fortress

*for those following our route, we split our five total nights in Bucharest either side of our trip to Moldova*